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A Tale of Ghillie Dhu, Part 2


by: sloanranger

Part 2

And as the fog, it left his head,

no longer, Gil… Ghillie Dhu, instead.

“But why are we here, in a cage –

there’s nothing worse to bring me rage.”

But not one spoke – as soon the sound

of something loud… trod on the ground.

“It’s Sasquat,” Faun did say, “comes here to scare us, everyday.”

Ghillie said: “Sasquat? Praytell, what is that?”

“They call him Big Foot, some, Sasquatch,” Brownie leaned and said.

“He’s big and mean, just you watch. Careful or he’ll have ye’re head.”

Hairy-like and ape-like, too, Sasquatch then came into view.

“Well, my minions, eat and drink, its almost time now, I do think.”

“Time for what? I’d like to know,” said Ghillie soft, but quite fierce, now.

“Oh, ye’ll know soon and any day,” said the ugly Squat.

“Ye’ll all be off, far away, whether ye like or not.”

Sasquatch then put down – dishes for all four.

“Ye best eat quick and now – ye’ll no be gettin’ more.”

Ghillie asked, after ‘Big Foot’ went: “He the reason why I’m sent?”

“As the woods grow ever small,” Unicorn did say,

“We’ve hardly any room at all, for work, or even play.”

“Where will ye’ go?” Ghillie asked.

“There’s the problem… and your task.”

“There’s forests, yet,” Unicorn went on: but someday soon, they could be gone.”

“Aye, I know, Ghillie led, “I’ve kinfolk up in Canada.”

“A good place, too,” the horned one, said. “If ye have the stamina.”

“I’ve also heard a lot, about forests in Rumania.”

“Aye,” said Faun, “but they have got, some kind, of vampyre mania.”

“Well, Canada it ’tis,” said Ghillie to them all.

The three looked sad and shook their heads: “But that’s not where we’re called.”

“He’s sold us to a private park and giving us no choice;

and he’ll use his magic, Ghillie – to take away our voice.”

Ghillie’s brow turned dark at this, “Please,” he said, “go on.”

His mood grew darker as they spoke, but he’d wait till they were done.

“Ye know we like to earn our keep,” the Faeries did continue,

“there’s many things that we can do on our employment menu.”

“Like Tooth Faerie who leaves a pence, while wee ones are abed.”

“Aye,” nods Brownie and the Faun, “and takes their tooth instead.”

“And what about the fruit and sweets from the Easter Bunny?”

“But Squat’s a brute,” the horned one said, “intent on making money.”

Ghillie nodded, his face deadpan, his features then a frown:

“Tell me more if you will, I want to get this down.”

“It’s called Disneyland and though it’s grand, horror does abound.”

The Faeries yelped, “We’ll never fly, we’ll never leave the ground!”

“‘Tis a bad thing, Ghillie Dhu,” said the Unicorn. He then began so slowly, his story to inform.

“There’s rides they call Carousels, that go round and round;

with creatures froze, voices gone, that cannot make a sound.”

Ghillie’s face contorted then, as he understood. His eyes of green grew red with fire, deep beneath his hood.

“Where’s my dirk?” His voice grew quiet, “I shall not let this happen.”

They answered all, the three at once: “Here, beneath the bracken!”

Ghillie grew by bounds, his face and stature bold, no longer kind and gentle, t’was Ghillie Dhu of olde.

The dirk soon had them cut, from their cages free, and not long after Big Foot lay – in red, at Ghillie’s feet.

T’was a chance he would recover – small, but best than none.

Aye, Sasquatch might rise later, but his captives would be gone.

The Brownie and the Faun with the Unicorn they flew –

to a different land – new and grand – and a life far better, too.

Ghillie Dhu, he left then – trod to the forest’s edge, and as he did his memory changed, back to his former head.

And when he’d got to home, and came into the house – was warmly greeted (and then some), by his flame-haired spouse.

“How’s the lad, he gone to bed?” Ghillie memories gone.

“Yes, my Love and something for ye, now we are alone.”

She pulled a thing, very strange, out from her apron pocket,

“The lad’s tooth,” she explained, “came clean from its socket.”

“But how,” her husband said, confused still, to the core.

“I tied the string to the knob and then just slammed the door.”

Gil looked down and smiled wide, too – staring at his wife,

And remembered then, like it was new … the sweet love of his life.

The End

(for now).

One Response to A Tale of Ghillie Dhu, Part 2

  1. glynhockey March 20, 2017 at 3:40 AM #

    This is a truly entrancing read.

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