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The Baja Cookbook

Todos Santos magazine launches The Baja Cookbook, featuring recipes by top Baja chefs

From the Editor: Check out this Press Release of a new cookbook. I’m a complete fan, so hope you enjoy the event and the book!

Baja CookbookIf you’re a fan of Baja California cuisine, this is really good news for you. Todos Santos, Baja California’s premier food & wine magazine, has just launched The Baja Cookbook, a bilingual recipe book which contains iconic dishes from some of the leading chefs of this internationally-acclaimed culinary movement.

Featuring 18 hand-picked recipes by renowed chefs Javier Plascencia, Benito Molina, Drew Deckman, Solange Muris, Adria Montaño, Bo Bendana, Ryan Steyn, Mario Peralta, Omar Armas, David Ojeda, Daniel Benítez and Francisca Samarin, The Baja Cookbook offers insight into the history, how-to and highlights of famous Baja cuisine dishes, as well as pairings with wines from Bodegas de Santo Tomás, one of the oldest and most famous wineries in Mexico.

Manzanilla-style abalone, Portobellos in Ramonetti cheese sauce, Ensenada-style mackerel ceviche, Kumiai Oysters with Pink Pepper Vinaigrette, Braised Valle de Guadalupe quail and other dishes that display prominent ingredients from Baja California, from oysters to olive oil and San Felipe Salt, are available on The Baja Cookbook, which is packaged with Todos Santos’ Vendimia 2016 edition, a guide to this season’s best food & wine south of the border.

The publication was presented to the U.S. public this Friday, June 24th, during 277 Cocina Artesanal restaurant’s anniversary dinner in Chula Vista, California.

“Baja California cuisine has gained international recognition thanks to the work of its chefs, producers and winemakers in Valle de Guadalupe. We seek to help define Baja Cuisine and its evolution by promoting regional identity and awareness through The Baja Cookbook,” said Erick Falcón, editor of Todos Santos magazine.

In the past 10 years, several boutique wineries and top-flight restaurants have opened in Baja California’s wine country, which produces over 80% of Mexico’s wines. Eight out of 10 of the world’s most sought-after seafood species are found here, as well, from abalone, Baja red lobster, sea cucumber and geoduck clams, which are exported to the U.S. and Asia, and Mexican wine has steadily gained a foothold on the U.S. market thanks to its growing popularity.

Most of the photographs for The Baja Cookbook were made by Cintia Soto, a San Diego-based photographer, and the wine pairings were selected by Laura Zamora, Bodegas de Santo Tomás’ head oenologist.

The Baja Cookbook and Vendimia 2016 are currently available for sale online for U.S. $14 at Todos Santos’ website,, as well as multiple locations in Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe, Tijuana and Mexico City. Online orders through ship from San Diego to all continental U.S. states and Mexico.

About Todos Santos:
As Baja California’s premiere food, wine & travel publication since 2012, Todos Santos covers the thriving Valle de Guadalupe culinary scene with an in-depth, unpretentious and bohemian perspective of its leading chefs restaurants, products, craft breweries and wineries. Website:


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