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The Scribes: South Bay Writers Have Their Own Group

South Bay ScribesAs you all know, I love to feature artists & activists of all kinds at South Bay Compass. I have a particular love, of course, for writers. So it’s with great pleasure that I found this group of mostly published authors who get together regularly in Chula Vista to share their works.

I’m devoting this entire week to the great work of the Scribes. First up, here’s a little history of how the group got started:

South Bay Scribes

Sherrie Miranda started the writer’s group in October of 2010. She spent more than a year talking to people about how to run a group and where to hold the meetings. She had considered doing it in her home, but a friend who worked at the library suggested she hold meetings at the Chula Vista Public Library so it could be open to the public.

Vicky Sloan is the only member besides Sherrie who is still with the group. There was a time when Sherrie, Vicky and Pat Maxwell were the only regular attendees. During that time, Sherrie began giving writing prompts in which they would write for approximately ten minutes, then read what they wrote.

After that, the library manager posted some large posters about their meetings and the group got quite large for several months. Vicky began leading the group as Sherrie was not comfortable with the large numbers. (It reminded her too much of her teaching job.) However, they are proud to say two more groups formed from the inspiration of their group. There may also be other groups that formed as they had members coming from as far away as Northern San Diego.

Charlie Berigan’s background in theater helped take the group to another level, one where they get out into the public more. During this phase, Sherrie was doing final edits for her novel Secrets & Lies in El Salvador, so Charlie took over as leader. Several members made regular visits to different venues where they read their work and discovered that people wanted to know what they were doing.

Susan Walters has also been a great help in the effort to be out in the public more. (Susan is South Bay Compass’ very own biographer of female impersonator, Julian Eltinge.)

They now have several published authors in the group, including Sherrie Miranda, Lynn Wallace and Kelley Dupuis.

Because the group wanted to be more active and get their names out to the public and show the community that the South Bay has it’s share of writers, both published and not, they changed their name to South Bay Scribes.

South Bay Scribes has recently started doing events in which they read their work at public events.

Author Sherrie Miranda

Secrets and Lies in El SalvadorFor more information, contact Sherrie at:

Check out Sherrie Miranda’s interview with the Chula Vista Star News.

Here’s her book Secrets & Lies in El Salvador.


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  1. Gil August 17, 2015 at 7:23 PM #

    Interesting as I’ve never heard of writer groups before.


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