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Villa ManilaHonestly, hold onto your hats. If you didn’t know before, National City is where you can get THE finest Filipino cuisine. If you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you to venture into this very diver and exquisite cuisine. The South Bay is home to one of the largest Filipino communities in the U.S. There might even be a few more additional facts you’d like to know, such as that the Philippines is the largest English-language speaking nation other than the United States!

So get with the program: Filipino food is the new French cuisine in these parts.

I have already talked about Lisa’s and Goldilocks as two Filipino food choices in the South Bay. Now — here comes the creme de la creme: Villa Manila. Why? Because on Thursday nights from 5pm-pm they serve meals “Kamayan” style, which means they serve large portions for your entire family on banana leaves and you eat the food with only your hands. You’ll get fried fish and shellfish, rice and more.

On any other day, you can order the Sisig (a kind of sizzling meat in an iron pan straight to your table). Some of the finer offerings include Alaskan snow crab meat omlette with chopped bell peppers & potatoes, called Tortang Alimasag:

Villa Manila

There’s Garlic Shrimp, Shanghai Lumpia and several pancit choices (Canton, Bihon, Sotanghon and Miki-Bihon).

For dessert, I always recommend the Halo-Halo (the large medly of sweetened beans & coconut, jackfruit, red jelly, and flan over shaved ice & sweet milk, sprinkled with toasted rice.) Mmmmm. They don’t serve alcohol here, so you’ll have to go for Sarsi (Filipino Rootbeer) or their Royal Tru Orange (a Filipino Orange Soda.)

Check out their website for a menu, gallery and more of a description of their cuisine.

They are located in the historic Schoolhouse Square, which you’ll learn more about in my historic tour of National City tomorrow.Banana Sauce

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