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Whysidro at The Front ran from June 12, 2014 to August 28, 2014.

From the story board:

“A new lenticular and mixed-media work on and about la borda”

Exploring the visual dynamics of border life, the emigration experience and aspects of acculturation, Whysidro is a suite of new works by Jamex & Einar de la Torre in an advanced lenticular printing technique called “Parallax Barrier,” a technique that has produced this exhibition’s spectacular 3D effect light boxes installation.

They drew initial inspiration from Mesoamerican art, Baroque art and the Mexican vernacular mixed with contemporary social issues and applying various modern materials and mixed media. It is an additive process that includes layering from collaboration as the artists appropriate cultural artifacts and create new ones through an irrepressible artistic vision that reflects their exploration of cultural identity, and border iconography.

In this new set of lenticular panels they seek to illuminate “La Borda/El Bordo” with manipulated images taken directly in the community of San Ysidro. Their work references the border region both directly and indirectly by addressing the multilayered reality that is lived here. AS a finished product, this new suite of works stands as a testament of the multiplicities, the many factors, the many layers, the sacred and the profane, the onion that this border community is.

And so, for the de la Torre’s Whysidro? Inevitably, what not?

–Linda Caballero Sotelo, Exhibition Curator

(Jamex & Einar De La Torre’s Whysidro was made possible through the generous support form the SAn Diego Foundation’s Creative Catalyst Program, The City of San Diego Commisssion for Arts & Culture, the County of San Diego Community Enhancement Program and Casa Familiar.)

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